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Null Routed?

What does Null Route mean?
Null Routed an IP means it has been routed to null, or nothing.

In the event of a DDOS attack or spike in high bandwidth usage our network will automatically null route the IP.

All of ONeilOnline servers have in-house DDoS Protection up to 10GB/sec – Automated Null Route at 10GB+/sec spike.

A null route event is automatic, and is assessed automatically every 5 minutes. This will occur repeatedly until the issue is resolved.

There are a number of security measures you could manage/enable on your server to prevent or deter such things from occurring. A firewall, mod_security, connection limits, connection timeouts, spam filters, and rootkit scans, are just some of the things.

Null routing is a temporary measure to kill the source/cause of the service disruption. It is done to not only protect your server, but to also protect the network. For example, the alternative if we didn't null route the server/IP all your bandwidth could be used up within minutes, and you would be left paying the hundreds of dollars in bandwidth overage fees.

We understand this day in age DDOS is becoming pretty common, which is why we take these measures to protect your server and our network, to deter them from occurring and help protect the data within the network.
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