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What is a VPS?

A VPS is a virtual private server, your own private island on a larger dedicated server. A VPS gives you full control over a slice of a server, essentially, a container that contains an operating system and provides you with root access to do with it as you please. While other customers are on the server, or node, that your container sits on, nobody has access to your specific container, so it's safe and secure.

Rather than sign up for a pricey dedicated server, a VPS allows you to use far more resources than a shared hosting environment, plus, control over what is ran on your server, such as, deciding what applications you would like to use. You have the ability to white label a control panel for your own clients customers, for example, or run a website and voice server for your gaming clan. It's all about power, control and functionality!

If you have outgrown shared hosting, or, simply need more than a shared host can provide, then a VPS is for you. Many VPS customers run their own web hosting businesses, allowing them to sign up their own customers and not have those customers see that is the hardware and software provider for the server. Other customers just want to run Java or Tomcat, where most shared providers do not allow that. This is where VPS comes in.

In addition, while dedicated servers are excellent, they may have some serious drawbacks. For example, if your server is down and needs a reboot, you typically have to rely on someone in the data center where the server is located to go and physically push a reboot button. Not with VPS! You have access to a control panel where you can reboot, stop, start or even reformat your server with a simple button click. No more waiting!

Oneil Online controls the hardware and the virtualization software, so you never have to worry about performing kernel upgrades, having hardware failures on your server, etc. We'll take care of all of the backend stuff so you can focus on what matters: your business and your customers.
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