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What is a Traceroute?

A traceroute shows each network connection from the end user to the server.
Each of these connections is known as a "hop" because the connection is hopping from one point to the next to reach the end point.

A traceroute can be used to troubleshoot a network connection and its peering. When a traceroute is completed each row reflects the latency from that location. If or when there is a sudden spike in the latency this can reflect an issue with the ISP. ONeilOnline is only able to troubleshoot and/or resolve issues that are within our network infrastructure. If the issues is within our network or with our peering we may be able to reroute your connection to optimize or mitigate the issue. If the issue is with an upstream provider or ISP we may be able to put in a request with the ISP in an attempt to "call attention" to the issue in hopes for it to be resolved.

To run a traceroute on Windows:
Open the command prompt. Go to Start > Run.
In the command prompt, type: tracert IP
You may have to wait up to a minute or more for the test to complete.
Please copy/paste the complete output in a support ticket so we can complete the assessment.

Occasionally a more in depth assessment may be necessary. A more sophisticated program to run a traceroute is WinMTR, the link can be found below. When running WinMTR it allows multiple tests to occur, in this case 100 or 500 responses may be necessary to find consistency in order to troubleshoot. When completed copy/paste the output into a support ticket.
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