Our Future with CPanel
Michael @ 2019-09-30 13:40:08
As you may already know, CPanel, the third party web hosting control panel we utilize on our web servers has recently under gone a pricing license and restructuring change. This was brought up in our blog post on July of this year: CPanel New Pricing. We have since been evaluating all of our options to get a better understanding what the changes were, how they would affect ONeilOnline, feed back from our customers who reached out to us with their concerns, how any change would affect our customers, and what would be the best course of action.

After careful thought and consideration we have decided to stick with and continue to offer CPanel web hosting at no additional cost to the customer. CPanel has been around a long time and the features available through their control panel are unrivaled. Our web hosting pricing will remain the same, and our customers will continue to receive the same excellent support, performance, and quality hosting experience.

Our future with CPanel will continue as normal for the unforeseeable future.

Thank you