Live Inventory Under Development
Jason @ 2016-06-25 14:52:21
The Web Developers at ONeilOnline have been working hard to complete a Live Inventory.

Previously, our website inventory and our server inventory was updated manually through paper work and entering the server config info manually to appear on our website. A process that would take 2-4 hours to get our website inventory updated, but would also include typos and errors with incorrect info. As a result online orders would result in double or triple orders for one server, or incorrect server configs, and typically by the end of those 4 hours the inventory had already changed. Certainly, running uphill on a slippery slope.

This live inventory will connect our website inventory directly with our server inventory allowing for any hardware config changes and server availability to be instantly updated to our website, and when a server is sold instantly remove the server from our website.

This amount of automation will greatly help our dedicated server resellers to ensure no overselling and an accurate inventory. Best of all, these updates will NOT affect our resellers websites because the changes are all occurring on the back end.

We anticipate this live inventory to be complete in the next month or two, an update announcement will be made then.

This is an effort by ONeilONline to provide a continued professional service of excellence.