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My bandwidth is off the charts!?!

Many things can cause your server to use a lot of bandwidth.

1 - You may have greatly underestimated your usage. It is wise practice to always purchase a server with more than double what you estimate to use. This will ensure no bandwidth overage charges.

2 - There is a script or program that is "stuck". If this is the case you would want to check the server's running processes and "kill" the process.

3 - The server has been compromised, someone has "hacked" into your server and is using it for their own purposes. Please ensure your are running a firewall and root check kits regularly on your server. If this is the case, please notify us ASAP.

If your bandwidth is graphing is showing extreme values please submit a support ticket and we will look into the issue.

A number of processes or bad programming can cause rampant bandwidth usage. Usualy we will track the process down to kill it ;)
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