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How do I connect to my game server?

On your tcadmin service page you can view the connect info for your game server.

Not all games have the same connect methods, additionally, because some games are in alpha or beta release connection methods may be temperamental. The following is a generic and general tip on how to connect to your game server.

The format for connection info is: IP:PORT

First, not all games connect with a single port, some have multiple ports open. In this case your service page will have:
Connection Info:
Query Info:
The query port is what you enter to add it to your steam browser.
The connect port is what you enter to play.

We always recommend to connect to your game server via in game or via the Steam Server Browser. Using third party websites for sever info or to connect is NOT a reliable method. These website server lists are not always updated and/or maintained, so your game server or changes to your game server may not appear immediately. If your game is provided by Steam, it is ALWAYS better to get server info from the source.

This is how you should connect to your server every time, unless you are already in the game:
Open your Steam Library
The menu at the top, navigate VIEW, click SERVERS
Bottom right, click ADD A SERVER
Enter the QUERY INFO IP and PORT - with NO spaces before or after the IP and port. If your game server has no query info, the connect info should be sufficient.
The server should now be listed.
Click REFRESH - Because some alpha/beta games are buggy sometimes you have to refresh a couple of times before you can join.
Right click on the server, click CONNECT TO SERVER.

Once the server is listed in your Steam Server Browser, it will also appear in your in game Favorites. The two server lists are connected/pull the same info.

If you are still unable to connect to your game server, please contact us via Live Chat or submit a support ticket and we can assist you.

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